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Welcome to Omni Health Services

We are a renowned mental healthcare company serving people for more than a decade in the USA & India. OMNI’s primary aim is to identify & provide culturally competent mental health services. We aspire to change the landscape & language used to describe mental health universally.

Michael Thevar is the Founder & CEO of OMNI Health Services, Inc. which is a private, for-profit behavioural healthcare corporation in the USA. Mr. Thevar has over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry. His commitment for the improvement of mental health is best exemplified by the vast number of mental health clinics in the United States & establishing Omni Health Services in Mumbai, India. 

‘Respect-Diversity-Compassion-Integrity-Wellness-Collaboration’ these are the core values which provide the foundation upon which we base our day-to-day operations & guide our goals.

Personal Therapy
Parenting Issues
Family Consultations

Our Mission

To work with the community to identify and provide culturally competent mental health services for children, adults and seniors.

Moving forward we would like to change the landscape and language used to describe mental health universally.

Our Vision

We recognize the complexity of life in current society and the stress under which many people live. We believe everyone possesses the potential for living a more satisfying life. By providing a higher level of care and service for our patients we can restore lives and be responsive to our communities.

No one should suffer the cultural stigma for seeking mental health services in today’s society, instead they should be proud of it.

Why Choose Us ?

Providing personalised and comfortable care is the number one priority of our highly competent, experienced professionals. We ensure efficient and continuous support from our end at all times. We believe in a transparent and safe collaboration. All members of team OMNI have an empathic & caring personality. They are patient, have perseverance, good listening skills & an analytical approach. Our mental health professionals have excellent communication & interpersonal skills. Our commitment & dedication to providing quality-based, professional mental health services has made us a
“one-stop solution for all mental health needs.”

Our Team

Mr. Michael Thevar

Founder & CEO

Mr. Michael Thevar built his successful career in the mental health industry over twenty years ago as a drug and alcohol counselor. He has a long-standing history with the healthcare sector due to his previous experience of serving as a clinical service manager, along with establishing a successful healthcare staffing agency and co-founding Omni Staffing. Most recently, he established Omni Cares, a 501c3 charitable organization.

Mr. Michael Thevar, aspires to change the landscape and language used to describe mental health universally.

Mr. Nalin Kumar

Co-Partner & Director of Operations, India

Mr. Nalin Kumar, supervises our company’s management and administration. He oversees daily operations to ensure productivity. Through his knowledge and reliable personality, Mr. Nalin is an unwavering support for our staff and clients.

Ms. Shreya Phadke

Psychologist & Head of Clinical Operations, India

Ms. Shreya Phadke has 6+ years of experience in the mental health field so far. Her diverse work experience ranges from Counselling & Therapy, Testing & Assessment to Teaching & Training. She has worked with various populations like children, parents, students, employees.

Dr. Riddhi Desai

Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Riddhi Desai, our consulting Psychiatrist, has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field. Her professional experience ranges from treating Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia to Geriatric conditions such as Dementia. She also specialises in Violent Patient Management & Medication Management.

Dr. Riddhi is well-known for her expertise, pleasant personality & her holistic approach for treatment.

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