Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Services

One of the most sought-after requirements that people have today is having someone to manage their daily living activities. This is where Personal Care Assistants (PCA) springs into the picture. Personal Care Assistants (PCA)s are trained professionals who aide and assist people with a wide range of services in their own homes. Generally, people with a physical or mental disability, injuries, or older adults who need help with certain everyday tasks use Personal Care Assistants (PCA)’s services.

Personal Care Assistants (PCA)s undergo rigorous training for skills required to develop an efficient, trustworthy and compassionate relationship with people who need their services.

The core of Personal Care Assistants (PCA)s is rooted in:

  • ◈ Providing mental and physical support.

  • ◈ Aiding individuals with basic daily activities/tasks.

  • ◈ Assisting individuals with hygiene, grooming and basic medical requirements.

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