Depression and Its Symptoms

We have heard of terms such as "mental health", "counselling", "therapy" quite often. They may not be new to most of us. But, how many of us actually understand what these terms mean?

Hearing about mental health & understanding its importance are two different yet deeply connected concepts

Let's first understand;


In simplest words, counselling is assistance and guidance given by a professional expert to manage or solve one's personal or professional problems.

The process of counselling is often considered mysterious. So, let's demystify it with 5 simple steps:
  • ◈ Relationship Building.
  • ◈ Problem Assessment.
  • ◈ Goal Setting.
  • ◈ Therapeutic Strategies.
  • ◈ Evaluation, Termination.


There are many specifications of mental health services as per requirement but the most common are:
  • ◈ Individual Counselling.
  • ◈ Group Counselling.
  • ◈ Marriage/Relationship/Couples Counselling.
  • ◈ Career Counselling.
  • ◈ Family Counselling.

Over a period of time and considering the increasing needs of people, gaining access to counselling services has evolved considerably in the last few decades.
Today, mental health services are available via modes such as;

  • ◈ In-person.
  • ◈ Online (Virtual).
  • ◈ Telephonic.


  • ◈ Helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • ◈ Gives a better perspective on things.
  • ◈ Improves one’s emotional wellbeing and state of mind.
  • ◈ For building and/or refining skills.
  • ◈ To make better choices.
  • ◈To improve and strengthen relationships.
  • ◈ Contributes in deaddiction.
  • ◈ To vent out feelings.
  • ◈ To let go of difficult things.
  • ◈ To re-build a better, more improved version of yourself.

In reality, the list of benefits from counselling is endless. There are thousands of reasons why mental health should be prioritized for people of all ages. This is because mental health is equivalent to physical health. The importance of a healthy mind should never be underestimated or neglected.

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